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Magician Michel van Zeist turns your party or event into an unforgettable success.

Michel van Zeist is one of the most popular magicians in the Netherlands. Fast, sharp and stylish. The performances of Michel are characterized by his sleight of hand and verbal finds. On stage or at the table: magician Michel knows how to strike the right chord. Success guaranteed!

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Magician Michel van Zeist

On the lookout for a magician? With Michel van Zeist, you get all the quality you need. Magician Michel can be deployed for several occasions. He provides magical entertainment throughout the whole Netherlands, and sometimes even beyond. Many companies, individuals, associations and institutions preceded you.

Michel isn't an illusionist who saws orphan girls in half or makes elephants disappear. He is a grandmaster in small magic tricks. With among others banknotes, coins, playing cards, watches and mobile phones, magician Michel knows how to entertain your audience. He breaks the ice and ensures a relaxed atmosphere.

In 2010, Michel gave an appearance during the Dutch championship for junior magicians, after which he attended the SBS program De 25 meest opvallende kampioenen (The 25 most remarkable champions). More than 1.2 million people watched his guest performance at De nieuwe Uri Geller (The new Uri Geller). In the fall of 2013, Michel provided the supporting program of Magic Unlimited (Oscar, Renzo & Mara Kazàn) in the Dutch theaters.

Michel van Zeist from Holland is a very welcome magician and has sufficient experience to fulfill your highest expectations. People will be speaking about his performance for a long time and it will extensively discussed.

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Magical moments throughout the whole Netherlands

Magician Michel van Zeist from Veenendaal performs throughout the entire Netherlands. Usually, he doesn't charge any travelling expenses.

Types of shows

Michel can be booked as a table magician, trade show magician, children's magician and host. In addition, he provides central shows (stage shows), customised acts and magic workshops (conjuring workshops).

As a table magician or walkaround magician, Michel provides short performances at the table of your guests. Performing table magic is possible on almost every location and suitable for nearly all occasions. Michel provokes large reactions with small objects. Both young and old will be amused.

As a trade show magician, Michel ensures more visitors at your booth. With an airy conference and a wink to your business, Michel knows how to captivate the audience for minutes. He will leave an indelible impression on your (potential) customers.

As a children's magician, Michel has experience working for e.g. schools. Themes which he picks up in his show include Sint Nicholas (Santa Claus), Christmas and Children's Book Week. He presents a humorous, interactive program for children from about 6 up to 12 years.

Besides his work as a magician, Michel is also active as a host. With enthusiasm, he welcomes the guests and presents your party or event. Lightly and playful. All he needs is a microphone.

The central show of Michel may be called a magical whirlwind. This bald magician presents a spectacular stage act for 30 to 45 minutes. Lights out, spot on!

With a customised act, Michel leaves a lasting impression on your clients. Magically make a product appear during the presentation? Or initiate your campaign in a magical way? This magic artist can make it happen and would love to help you out.

During the magic workshop, a professional magician will unveil some of his secret tricks. The conjuring workshop is fun for children, but adults as well. Suitable for businesses, as e.g. a teambuilding activity.

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