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Magic in the middle of the Netherlands

Magician Michel van Zeist from the province of Utrecht will make your party a spectacle.

Michel van Zeist belongs to the absolute top when it comes to magical entertainment. Full of enthusiasm, this inhabitant of Veenendaal enchants those present at your event. On stage in front of a large group of guests or at a table with an intimate and interactive act; nothing is impossible.

You have found a stylish venue for your party and the caterer, who will treat many a person to culinary delights, has also been secured. All preparations for your event are running smoothly, but you feel that something is still missing. Invite a magician from Utrecht! Without a doubt, Michel will take your meeting in the middle of the country to a higher level; this seasoned magician is the icing on the cake.

Options for hiring a magician in Utrecht

Michel, who lives in the province of Utrecht, can be used as an illusionist for various occasions. Personal acts at a table or bigger magic tricks on stage; he delights both young and old. The humorous, interactive acts of magician Utrecht improve the atmosphere.

Between the courses of dinner or during informal drinks, Michel provides table magic, also known as walk-around magic. This magical entertainer does the most amazing things with dice, rubber bands and playing cards, but also with borrowed banknotes, wedding rings and iPhones. Your guests will be treated to a mix of classic and modern magic. After a session of the table magician, spectators are left spellbound and invariably ask, “How does he do that?”

In Michel’s central magic show, amazement and merriment alternate at high speed. This Utrecht illusionist performs a magic show – new style – full of audience participation. The assistance of several people present on stage makes this magical show an unforgettable experience. Suitable for groups of several dozen to hundreds of people. The illusion show comes into its own in a theatre hall, but can also be performed at other locations.

With customised magic, your colleagues or customers are entertained and informed in a magical way. Telling a story by means of a magic trick makes an impact and ensures that your message is better remembered. Michel likes to think along with you about how his favourite art form can be used to achieve your company’s goals. Nothing is too crazy for this artistic jack-of-all-trades.

In an age of advertising avoidance, it is difficult to get your business noticed by potential customers – especially during a trade show, where countless entrepreneurs are fighting for the attention of their intended target audience. As a trade show magician, Michel helps you enter and win the battle for visibility at the trade show venue. In a subtle and stylish, but above all effective way, he puts your company in the spotlight and creates commotion around your exhibition stand.

During the illusionism workshop, magician Michel from Utrecht does something that is controversial among professionals: explaining magic tricks. Step by step, he explains easy-to-learn magic effects. The participants in your teambuilding activity will gain insight into the psychology behind magic and rehearse some impressive tricks with cards, coins and strings.

In his role as chairman of the day, Michel leads the congress participants through the programme in an engaging manner. Serious where necessary, light-hearted where possible. He prepares the symposium thoroughly, resulting in substantive interviews with the speakers. Between business, the presenter will show a number of mysterious acts on request, in line with the theme of the day. With Michel hosting your conference, you can be sure that content and form will be balanced.

Questions about booking a magician in Utrecht? Call 0031-318-727828 or 0031-6-20285267, or email info@michelvanzeist.nl.

Film: Kevin Ike (Van Ei naar Kip)

Magic performances in Utrecht

Michel himself lives in the province of Utrecht, which is why he is often asked to perform in the city of Utrecht. This magician was a welcome guest at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ) in Utrecht. Several times a year, he performed a children’s show in the small theatre located in this hospital. After the show, Van Zeist continued his magic on the wards, where he performed cheerful magic tricks in the rooms of the seriously ill children. Commissioned by Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU), Michel worked several times during the introduction days of the Social Legal Services (SJD) course in Hierden, Gelderland. On the occasion of a graduation ceremony of the HU, he conjured up the diplomas in spectacular fashion. For the Geosciences faculty of the Utrecht University, this magician performed at Galgenwaard stadium, home of FC Utrecht. Next to that football stadium is a large business complex. Magician Utrecht appeared there during a Christmas party of Plangroep from Culemborg. He was also a guest in the same building during CFIT’s family day. In Domstad, illusionist Michel showed his best tricks to the employees and relations of law firm Van Diepen Van der Kroef. This enthusiastic entertainer also performed magic near Utrecht’s canals. At restaurant Aal, for example, during a student union’s annual dinner. He also successfully performed his magic acts in a student club in the city centre. Michel also performed several times in the Winkel van Sinkel, a cultural and culinary department store on Oudegracht. These included a Christmas drink at Utrecht University (UU). He had also performed at a UU Christmas get-together several years before. Then it was at the ICT department of that educational institution. This magician was performing as part of the Dutch Healthcare Authority’s (NZa) Saint Nicholas party. He performed table magic at hotel Mitland on the occasion of a wedding party. Illusionist Utrecht performed a similar show during a family dinner at restaurant Divinatio, which would later be called De Veiling and Fico. This establishment is located next to Villa Jongerius. Michel also performed there. There, he conducted a workshop in magic as a break from an engineering think tank session. On the other side of the street is the Jaarbeurs. This magician performed there as an exhibition magician during various trade fairs, including Zorg & ICT. For Nuon, he was magical day chairman in Media Plaza, a space in the Jaarbeurs that serves as a conference and meeting venue. In restaurant Meneer Buscourr, party magician Michel presented a number of atmosphere-enhancing magic acts. This illusionist conjured during a wedding at Mereveld farm, located next to a golf club and close to the tunnel where the ransom was handed over to the Heineken kidnappers in 1983. Commissioned by Bilfinger Real Estate of Utrecht, he performed his street show in a shopping centre. At a birthday party in a flat opposite RTV Utrecht, Michel gave a magic show for children and adults. At the regional broadcaster, Van Zeist was interviewed several times, including about the books he wrote about Utrecht magician Fred Kaps (1926-1980) and well-known TV magician Hans Kazàn (1953). In 2016, this bald magician was approached for a campaign by a Louis Vuitton subsidiary. In that context, he performed at Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam, at a theatre in Brussels and at CitySense in Utrecht. The latter theatre, the former Jacobi Theatre, was affiliated with cabaret performer Tineke Schouten. In restaurant Het Oude Tolhuys, Michel took care of the closing act at a congress of the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF). At the same location, he provided a magic workshop for a department of a Utrecht publishing company. A few months later, commissioned by the same publisher, Michel took the stage at Leeuwenbergh, an event location on Servaasbolwerk. Commissioned by Domstad Events, he was allowed to give a magic show in Bodytalk, a gay bar on the canal. This performance took place on the occasion of a siblings’ day. Lemon Scented Tea invited table magician Utrecht to show his skills during the NIMA Marketing Day in DeFabrique, a former factory site on the Lage Weide industrial estate. Over 20 years ago, the complex was converted into an event venue by the Van Eck family. The industrial location was frequently featured in Victor Mids’ television programme Mindf*ck. At Van der Valk Utrecht, Michel was a guest several times, including with fellow magicians Janse Heijn and Tim Horsting. That was during the 25th anniversary party of an association of pensioners. Also at the invitation of Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Van Zeist was a guest of the well-known hospitality company. He was the closing act of a corporate event. Michel represented Quoratio during the Dutch Career Days in the Werkspoor Cathedral. For an international gathering of the German company IDT Biologika, this trickster pulled out all the stops. The meeting took place in a striking building on the Utrecht canal. On one of the top floors of the Rabobank headquarters, Michel gave a tailor-made show in the English language. After the first corona lockdown, this sociable magician provided a performance at a primary school. Magician Utrecht was a guest at several IG&H events. He also magically supported disabled sports at a sports park in Utrecht.

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