Magic by Michel Magic by Michel

Michel van Zeist is a Dutch magician and host.

Entertaining is his biggest passion. Armed with a magic box and a tin full of jokes, Michel knows how to captivate every audience. Although this magician knows many secrets, he can still be surprised every day by the magic of life.

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About Michel

At the age of eight, Michel got infected by the magic virus. After seeing a magician on television, Michel just knew: he had to become a magician.

Magic association

Since 2008, Michel has been a member of the Magische Kring Centraal Nederland (Magic Association Central Netherlands) and the Nederlandse Magische Unie (Dutch Magic Union), a labour union for magicians. Commissioned by the magic federation, Michel presented several events and took place in the jury of magic competitions.

Television debut

In 2010, Michel gave an appearance during the Dutch championship for junior magicians, after which he attended the SBS program De 25 meest opvallende kampioenen (The 25 most remarkable champions). More than 1.2 million people watched his guest performance at De nieuwe Uri Geller (The new Uri Geller). Also in other television programs, such as Hart van Nederland (Heart of the Netherlands) and Shownieuws (Shownews), Michel's talent did not go unnoticed. In the national media, he was described as the "top of the magic bill".

Collaboration with the Kazàn family

In autumn 2013, Michel could be seen with Oscar, Renzo and Mara Kazàn - Magic Unlimited - in the Dutch theaters. In collaboration with a colleague, Michel brought his own theater production on stage that same season.

Special performances

Over the years, Michel has provided numerous performances at home and abroad. He was allowed to perform in front of all mayors and legislates in the Netherlands, worked on a campaign of the American television channel HBO and came on stage commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Defence. In the summer of 2015, Michel performed at the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam.

Well-known companies that appealed to magician Michel include ABN Amro, Albert Heijn, FrieslandCampina, Mercedes-Benz and Nuon. Take a look at more credentials.

Communication science

Michel studied communication sciences at Radboud University in Nijmegen and has experience as a marketing- and communication manager.


Michel regularly works as a producer at NPO Radio 1 and has its own rubric at Radio Gelderland.


Besides his passion for magic, Michel is a music enthusiast. At the music school in Veenendaal, Michel attended piano lessons for years and earned his A, B, C and D diploma. Despite the opportunity to study at the conservatory and become a professional pianist, Michel decided to focus himself completely on his job as a magician.