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All-round magician Michel van Zeist breaks the ice at your party or event.

Magic and humour form the ingredients of a unique experience. Rapidly, your guests move from one amazement to another. Michel conquers everyone's heart with a refreshing conference and a wink to current events. He realizes your high expectations.

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Michel van Zeist is one of the few professional magicians residing in the Netherlands. He has been practicing magic for 15 years. This magician provides performances both in Dutch and English, and on request in German.

Michel can be deployed for various occasions. He adapts his performances to your target audience, so that you are assured of suitable entertainment for your guests.


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It's possible to assemble a combination of different acts. Would you like to start off with some magic at the table and end with a central act? Or do you prefer a stage show combined with a short magic workshop? A trade show performance combined with a product presentation? Nothing is impossible. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Hans Kazàn about Michel van Zeist

Hans Kazàn opinion on his younger colleague: "If you are looking for a magician, and it happens to be that I am not around, you should just contact Michel van Zeist."

6 reasons why you should book magician Michel van Zeist

  • Hans Kazàn, one of the most well-known magicians in the Netherlands, recommends Michel.
  • Michel has been practicing magic for over 15 years and already provided hundreds of performances. He has sufficient experience to make your expectations come true.
  • Quality is of the utmost importance to Michel. You will notice this is reflected in his choice of clothing and tools.
  • Because of his enormous passion for magic, Michel has built quite an extensive repertoire. This is why he can perform a suitable program in front of nearly any audience.
  • Michel performs throughout the entire Netherlands and usually doesn't charge any travelling expenses.
  • Would you like to be pre-acquainted? That's possible! Contact us by telephone or send us an e-mail.

Some reactions of our clients

"A performance of Michel comforts your guests and makes people laugh, after which serious matters can be discussed. Michel is professional and can quickly adapt as conditions change. Michel added value to the management meetings of Essent." - Auke van Stralen

"Yesterday, we hosted a diner for 80 guests on a marvellous location. It had all the ingredients for a formal occasion, except that Michel was there as well; table by table, Michel relaxed our guests and made them "loosen up" a bit. You could hear loud laughter en clapping people everywhere. Some even left their table to join another (trying to figuring out what's the secret behind his tricks), to arrive at the conclusion: "This guy is REALLY good!" Even those who normally didn't love magic tricks were amused. We went home with more questions than answers (I wasn't the only one who wondered "How DOES he manage to do those tricks???"), but it really was a successful evening. Highly recommended!" - Marian

"I really enjoyed Michel's magic tricks at our table; I had tears of laughter in my eyes, and many guests fell of their chairs out of astonishment. Performing magic tricks and interacting with your guests: Michel can do it in a lovely way. This magician knows his trade." - Geert Jans

Magician throughout the whole Netherlands

Magician Michel performs across the entire country, including the following places:
Magician Veenendaal Magic by Michel Magician Rhenen Magic by Michel Magician Ede Magic by Michel Magician Wageningen