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Magician The Hague

Magic in that beautiful city behind the dunes

Magician Michel van Zeist ensures surprised and smiling faces in The Hague.

Michel van Zeist is a popular magician in The Hague. At the Binnenhof or in the Kurhaus, illusionist and table magician Michel knows how to entertain everyone. A guaranteed success during your party or event in the political heart of the Netherlands!

During festive occasions in The Hague, magician Michel is a connecting and mood-enhancing factor. In a relaxed manner, he presents a talked-about programme to your guests at the table. This sympathetic magician also knows how to enchant the audience from the stage. Do you want your corporate or private party to be talked about for a long time to come? With this illusionist, you are guaranteed top entertainment in The Hague.

All options for a magician in The Hague at a glance

Michel provides humorous and interactive magic performances in the capital of South Holland. Check out the various options and seek no-obligation advice. It is possible to combine different programmes. Let table magic precede or end with a plenary act? Combine a central show with a workshop? It is all negotiable.

A table magician can be used at almost any party. Michel mingles with those present and breaks the ice in a playful way. This everyman's friend elicits great reactions in The Hague with small objects such as playing cards, dice, rubber bands, smartphones and wedding rings. Even the most sceptical people are converted within minutes. After a visit from the table magician, all guests – young and old – will remain under the spell of his magic for a long time.

Michel’s stage show is an unforgettable magical spectacle. With witty lyrics and dexterous magic tricks, he holds every auditorium in his grip. A show at a company party for a select company or a performance in the theatre for a few hundred people? With this magician, you are guaranteed quality. He has performed countless times in theatres at home and abroad, and thus has enough experience to impress your audience with his magic tricks.

Using tailor-made magic acts, this illusionist in The Hague knows how to strike the right chord. A spectacular trick to conjure up a wedding ring during a magical marriage proposal? Or an illusion to magically reveal your company’s new logo? Magician Michel excels in tailor-made work and is undoubtedly able to integrate your story or product into his presentation. Feel free to inquire about the various possibilities.

A magician at your exhibition stand guarantees more leads. During trade shows in The Hague, Michel attracts visitors’ attention in a stylish and professional manner. With his personal magic acts, this trade show magician creates a positive atmosphere around your company. Immediately after the various short performances, your employees will take over from him. The cooperation between magician Michel and your staff will undoubtedly lead to the achievement of your goals.

A magic workshop will make your guests’ hearts beat faster, because how much fun is it to find out a magician’s secrets? Soon after illusionist Michel introduces himself, the playing cards, rubber bands and pieces of rope appear; magic tricks and jokes alternate in rapid succession. Attendees are given detailed instructions so they can make all the impossible possible on the spot. There is a nice prize for the best ‘magic apprentice’.

This magical presenter will add a unique element to your event. A professional magician with broad knowledge and a smooth chat, Michel is a suitable chairman for your conference or seminar. He plays a crucial role in creating a positive atmosphere. This versatile artist playfully involves the audience in the programme and ensures that the various parts flow seamlessly into one another. His presence will make your meeting memorable.

More info on hiring a magician in The Hague? Call 0031-318-727828 or 0031-6-20285267, or email info@michelvanzeist.nl.

Film: Kevin Ike (Van Ei naar Kip)

Magic in The Hague

As a magician, Michel performed several times in The Hague. For his performance commissioned by Police Haaglanden, he was transported in a police car to party centre Madestein, the venue. In the same period, just before Christmas, this illusionist performed a magic dinner show for Bureau Halt in restaurant Pavlov on The Hague’s Spui. He also performed magic on the beach and boulevard. The Anton Constandse Foundation booked Michel to perform table magic at Habana Beach in Kijkduin. This magician also performed for Ekelmans & Meijer Advocaten and Collin Crowdfund in a beach club in Scheveningen. Commissioned by the latter organisation, he also put on a plenary programme in Carlton Beach. At the request of the Dutch Society for Occupational Hygiene (NVvA), table magician The Hague performed during a dinner in Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus. On the occasion of a wedding party, he worked at community centre De Hyacint. Michel performed a similar programme as part of a meeting of the then-called Medisch Centrum Haaglanden. A man from Voorburg wanted to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday and invited Van Zeist. The magician entertained the birthday boy and guests at café-restaurant Leopold, near the Binnenhof. In front of the Hague-based headquarters of PostNL, Michel performed during a departmental meeting. At the Zwarte Pad, illusionist ‘s-Gravenhage provided magical entertainment for an international company on behalf of an events agency based in the Hague. Invited by Shell, he displayed his magic tricks at the Hague branch of Sound & Vision, formerly the Museum for Communication. The bald magician in three-piece suit was mistakenly mistaken for the oil company’s CEO. A few days later, he was back in The Hague; this hygienic illusionist performed for CSU staff – “keen on clean”. Elmar Hofstee, former employee of the Limburg-based Dynamite Magic Shop, also gave a performance there.

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