Magic by Michel Magic by Michel

Magician Michel provides magical entertainment in Holland.

With the presence of table magician Michel, your party in Holland will undoubtedly be a success. Michel's sleight of hand is notable. Everyday objects such as banknotes, watches and playing cards aren't safe in his hands. In addition, he juggles with language. Humour and interaction are central in his casual gigs. Highly recommended!

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Magician Holland

Are you looking for a magician in Holland? Then you've come to the right place. As an entertainer, Michel can be deployed for various purposes. At almost any location in Holland, this magician can provide a refreshing performance. With Michel at your event, you're assured of suitable entertainment for your guests.

This passionate magician presents a contemporary program in the Netherlands. Not with a top hat or a rabbit, but by performing magic in a new style. For the corporate community, but also for associations, institutions and private individuals, Michel knows how to perform a suitable magic show. He breaks the ice and creates a pleasant, smoothing atmosphere.

About Michel

Michel is one of the only professional magicians in the country. He belongs to the absolute top when it comes down to magical entertainment. He worked on behalf of well-known companies such as Essent, ING and Volvo, and has performed in numerous theatres, including the Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam. On top of that, Michel also offers exceptional and affordable shows to private individuals.

In 2010 and 2011, Michel was a guest at various radio and television programs. In 2013, he toured with the well-known magician's family Kazàn along several Dutch theatres.

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Would you like to treat your guests at your reception, wedding or corporate party in Holland on a special experience? Do not hesitate and invite Michel. He will live up to your highest expectations. His extensive repertoire and improvisational talent guarantee a unique experience. Both young and old alike will be fascinated by the arts of this bald magician.

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Table magician in Holland

As a table magician, Michel walks around at your party in Holland and mingles with your guests. One after the other magical event will take place on a few centimetres away from the audience. A borrowed wedding ring suddenly vanishes and is found on a key ring, a freely chosen playing card appears to be the sole card turned around in a deck of cards and a mobile phone inexplicably ends up in an inflated balloon.

Table magic, also called walkaround magic, can be performed at nearly any location in Holland. The length of time may vary, depending on the group size. Often, a table magic act takes around 1, 2 or even 3 hours.

Trade show magician in Holland

Your first impression is important. It's a rule that also applies at trade shows and fairs. Michel is an asset to your fair participation. With short, powerful magic tricks, the trade show magician entertains your visitors at your booth in Holland. The performance ensures more visitors and more leads. Trade show magician Michel takes care of the first contact with your customers, so you and your employees can completely focus themselves on conducting sales conversations.

Trade show magic is an original and effective way to reach new customers.

Central show at Holland

No glitter curtains or sawing tricks, but a mix of modern magic and stand-up comedy. Rapidly, your spectators in Holland move from one astonishment to another. With his inexplicable tricks and a nod to current events, this energetic entertainer knows how to captivate everybody. Michel makes a bottle of wine untraceably disappear, turns his handkerchief into an egg and lets hundreds of cards fly through the air.

This show is suitable for (approximately) 25 to 250 persons and is usually displayed on a stage.

Customised act at Holland

Would you like to communicate your message in a magical way? With a custom made magic act, Michel will leave an indelible impression on your customers in Holland.

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Conjuring workshop at Holland

Magicians usually keep their tricks secret. But during the magic workshop in Holland, Michel makes an exception; he explains some of the basic principles of performing magic. Some simple magic tricks, with among others rubber bands, pencils and playing cards, are explained step by step.

The magic workshop is also suitable as an activity during your teambuilding day or bachelor(ette) party.

Children's magician in Holland

Michel presents a lively, responsible performance in Holland as a magician for children. For 30 to 45 minutes, Michel takes his youthful audience to the wonderful world of magic where everything seems possible. Cheerful and visual tricks are central in Michel's interactive kids show. Some children may even assist on stage.

Michel can easily adapt his children shows to themes such as the Children's Book Week, Saint Nicholas and Christmas.

Host in Holland

Looking for someone who can talk your event in Holland together in a joyful, light-hearted way? Michel is a verbal virtuoso. As a graduate in communication sciences, he knows how to get your message across in the right way. Optionally with a touch of magic.