Magic by Michel Magic by Michel

Magician Michel has lost his heart to the canals in Amsterdam.

Michel van Zeist is one of the most booked magicians in Amsterdam. In a boat or in the Rijksmuseum (National Museum), Michel knows how to entertain your guests in an informal, spontaneous way. This magnificent magician breaks the ice at your party or event in our capital.

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Magician Amsterdam

Smiling and surprised faces are all too common after a performance by magician Michel. He's one of the most popular magicians in the province of North Holland. With the presence of this passionate magic artist, your party or event will undoubtedly be a great success.

Magic is hot. Due to the popularity of magicians on television such as Dynamo, Nicholas and Victor Mids, the interest for the ancient art of magic rose to a magical climax. Would you like your guests to enjoy a magical experience - real life? Invite magician Michel to Amsterdam: you're assured of high quality, magical entertainment.

Who is Michel?

Michel is an artist in blood and veins. He has been practicing magic since he was a little boy. He's specialized in live entertainment. No actors, no camera tricks. This magician presents magic tricks that take place right under the noses of random spectators. Comical card tricks, but also acts with, for example, watches, phones and wedding rings. At your table or sometimes on stage.

Michel is renowned for his improvisational talent. Humour and interaction are central during his performances. He constantly adapts his shows to his audience, so you are assured of suitable entertainments for your guests in Amsterdam.

Recommended by Hans Kazàn

In a YouTube video, Hans Kazàn talks about Michel van Zeist. Netherlands' most famous magician recommends his younger colleague with all his heart.

"Hi, I am Hans Kazàn and I would like to tell you something about Michel, Michel van Zeist. He was a boy of 8 or 9 years old when I received so many letters from him. Letters, e-mails. He wanted to become a magician. And he was a true fan of Hans Kazàn as a magician. He always looked at our television programs and it was his great desire to take control of his own wand once. And to our great surprise, he finally really did it. Currently, Michel performs as a magician on parties, events, business meetings and is doing great. So, if you're looking for a magician, and Hans Kazàn isn't around, just contact Michel van Zeist. And I promise you: you won't regret that decision."

How to book a magician in Amsterdam?

On the lookout for a magician in Amsterdam? Please contact us for more information. Clearly state what the occasion is, how many people you're expecting to attend and try be as accurate as possible on the date and location. Michel will then send you a non-binding offer for a performance in Amsterdam or its surroundings.

Michel is a welcome magician in the corporate community of Amsterdam, but also works on commission for individual associations and foundations.

Hire a table magician in Amsterdam

Isn't it beautiful when your attending guests are enjoying your party in Amsterdam? Starting from the first minute that this circular magician mingles with your guests at their table, he will provoke loud laughter. Tricks with everyday objects such as banknotes, coins, playing cards, watches and phones quickly pass the revue. Besides magic, interaction with the audience also forms an important ingredient of his performance. This bald table magician captivates your attending guests in Amsterdam with astonishing and innovative magic acts.

Grow your business with a trade show magician

With magician Michel at your booth in Amsterdam, you're assured of more (potential) customers. The trade show magician creates commotion and works as it were like a magnet: within no time, your stand will be packed full enthusiasts. Using fast, stylish tricks, Michel creates interest for your company and your product. Optionally, Michel processes your product(s) in his act. That way, you can create a memorable first impression in Amsterdam which exhibition visitors will remember even better.

Magic performance for larger groups

Michel is a grandmaster in small magic tricks, but he can also present a suitable program on stage. This magician provided the supporting programs of artists such as Karin Bloemen, Yes-R and Jeroen van der Boom. During his theatre act of 15, 30 or 45 minutes, Michel astonishes young and old. Suitable for groups up to 300 persons.

Magical customization in Amsterdam

Launch your product in a miraculous way? Add a magical aspect to your campaign? Michel would love to help you out! Please call or e-mail us for a free, non-binding brainstorming session or consultation.

Magic workshop for the corporate community

During the conjuring workshop in Amsterdam, some secrets of the magician will be unveiled. Simple tricks will be explained, step by step, and can be executed on the spot by the participants. How do you make a pencil float? Or how do you find the chosen playing card when it's shuffled in the deck? How do you make a coin disappear. Michel will explain.

Show for children from 6 up to 12 years old

Children in Amsterdam will sit on the edge of their seats when child magician Michel appears on the scene. This conjuring joker excites his youthful audience with cheerful magic acts. Even the attending adults (e.g. teachers, parents) will fully enjoy the show. The children's show is often performed at schools or at companies and associations as supporting program of Saint Nicholas. Michel often works as a school magician at the beginning or conclusion of the school year.

Host of events in Amsterdam

Apart from his activities as a magician, Michel also acts as a host. He welcomes your guests in Amsterdam and announces artists on stage. Meanwhile, he juggles with language. With Michel as a host and the face of your event, you will be assured that the program runs smoothly.