Magic by Michel Magic by Michel

Trade show magician Michel van Zeist ensures more visitors at your booth.

Magician Michel leaves an indelible impression on your visitors with his mobile acts at your booth. Michel performs magic with your products and creates a positive atmosphere. A trade show performance by Michel will guarantee more potential customers.

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Trade show magician

The time that new customers were recruited by emitting screaming slogans and deploying aggressive sales techniques has long past. Bind customers in a subtle way and keep them loyal to your company seems to hold the answer. Trade show magician Michel offers a solution: with short, fast magic acts, Michel entertains the visitors of your booth and ensures more leads.

You could say Michel feels himself like a fish in water on the exhibition floor. Full of enthusiasm, he mingles with visitors and involves them in his performance. Humorous, interactive acts with a nod to business.

Magician Michel van Zeist as the face of your campaign

Would you like to deploy Michel extensively? That's possible. In addition to trade show magic performances, you could let him figure as an extra in your campaign movie, as a magician and/or host. Processing of customizable magic acts which can be implemented in your campaign also belongs to the possibilities.

Performing at giveaways

All gadgets which were imprinted with the name or logo of your company, such as pens, USB sticks and printed lighters, aren't safe in the hands of Michel. They appear, disappear or transform into a completely different object. Isn't it fun to present your corporate gift to your (potential) customers in a magical way?

Examples of trade show performances

Michel performed at numerous trade show performances, commissioned by the most diverse companies. Read the following examples to understand what trade show magician Michel can do for you.

1. Magician at a hospitality fair

In September 2013, Michel worked for several days at a hospitality fair. Commissioned by a hospitality wholesaler from Twente, Michel performed with fruits and vegetables. A signed banknote appeared and disappeared in an orange. And the well-known Cups and Ball game was played as well, with three walnut shells and a pea. As a grand finale, the new product of the hospitality specialist was magically introduced.

2. Performing at a trade show on consumer electronics

A few years ago, Michel gave an appearance in the Efteling Theatre. He acted on behalf of a global manufacturer of cameras. The performance was part of a major advertising campaign. Michel's magical conference on the camera caused a lot of surprised faces.

3. Magical entertainment at the international shoe fair

Michel is the face of a well-known shoe manufacturer. During the international shoe- and leather goods trade fair, Michel enchanted his visitors by performing magic tricks with shoes, shoe horns and shoe spray. Due to his presence, visitors found their way to the booth, easily and quickly.

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