Magic by Michel Magic by Michel

Michel gives you a peek into the workshop of a magician.

Treat your employees, relatives and friends on a juggling workshop. A light-hearted break from your brainstorming session or a fun activity for example, during a family or bachelor party. Michel shows the participants various tricks which he explains step by step.

What's the secret of this magician? Call 0318-727828 or 06-20285267 and find out.

Magic workshop

During the conjuring workshop, Michel reveals quite a lot of his magic secrets. How do you make a banknote disappear? How do you find the chosen playing card when it's shuffled into a deck? How can you read someone's mind? Magician Michel explains it in great detail and talks about his profession as a magician with full enthusiasm.

Performing magic tricks is currently one of the most popular hobbies out there. The interest in the ancient art of magic can be explained by the enormous attention on television. Foreign street magicians such as Dynamo, Troy and Nicholas (from Belgium) are quite successful. Even conjuring programs from our own country are much-discussed; Street magic (Rob & Emiel), Mindf*ck (Victor Mids) and De magische winkel (The magical shop) have many viewers and maintain our minds.

For who is the magic workshop suitable?

The magic workshop is a great, comfy group activity for both young and old. In the corporate community, e.g. entrepreneurs and employees, as well as schools and private parties, the workshop often receives a lot of enthusiasm. Participants will be captivated for 45 to 60 minutes by the secrets of this magician. The explained tricks are interspersed with acts from Michel's show.

How do you become a magician?

Go to the library and borrow/read a good magic book. That has been the advice from Hans Kazàn for many years. However, times have changed and more and more enthusiasts are initiated into the world of magic by digital means. Through YouTube or other platforms, aspiring magicians learn their first tricks.

Many famous magicians, including Hans Klok and the aforementioned Kazàn, got a magic box for their birthday or for Christmas when they were around eight or nine years old.