Magic by Michel Magic by Michel

Michel van Zeist is a professional talker.

Even if the lights turn off or the stage suddenly collapses: Michel will know what to do during almost any situation. As a true host and gentlemen, he heartily welcomes your guests. You could say he's the glue that keeps your event together.

On the lookout for a professional host? Call 0318-727828 or 06-20285267.


People who've seen Michel in action know that he isn't only quick with his fingers, but also with his mouth. He constantly comes up with texts which may or may not be funny and shakes jokes out of his sleeves. As a host, Michel ensures your event runs smoothly. Seriously if he has to, refreshing if it's permitted.

Michel can be booked as a commentator, presenter, host, interviewer or quizmaster. He knows how to stroke the right chord. Optionally with a touch of magic.