Magic by Michel Magic by Michel

Michel conjures a big grin on everyone's face during his one man show.

"A show with speed, perfection, magic, courage and teamwork", said a journalist from De Gelderlander. On a stage (or anything like it), Michel presents a dazzling show for 25 to 250 persons. Stand-up magic without a top hat or rabbit.

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Central show

Michel's stage act guarantees high quality entertainment. Enjoyment with a capital E. Incomprehensible magic tricks and dry humour are the main ingredients of Michel's magic show. In business, but also private parties, this stage show is enthusiastically received.

Michel van Zeist is a thoroughbred stage animal. He is praised for his authentic style and improvisational talent. With refreshing conferences, Michel knows how to captivate both young and old.

The trick as a means, not as an objective

Entertaining is what Michel likes best. Using everyday attributes, he creates a unique atmosphere. No boring, complicated card tricks, but most visually stunning magic acts. Magician Michel tears up a newspaper and makes it whole again, lets a banknote disappear and reappear on an impossible place or reads the mind of a spectator. Smiling and surprised faces are his goal.

Magician in the theatre

Stage magicians that use special lighting effects or secret holes in the stage floor are passé. Michel presents a contemporary program. Fast, sharp, stylish and with a wink to current events. His theatre show can also be performed at other locations beside the theatre.

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